3 Ways WordPress Helps Artists Like You Take Your Art Online and Sell It

3 Ways WordPress helps artists like you take your art online and sell it

If you’re an artist, the flexibility of WordPress can help you bring your artwork online.

In this article, I’ll present an overview of how WordPress can help you start showing off your art.

Even better, you can use WordPress to start selling your artwork online too.

Ready? Let’s get started.

WordPress Helps You Easily Build Your Own Platform

I’m sure at this point you might be wondering, “What about social media? Can’t I do that on social media too?”

The answer: sort of.

I love social media for getting the word out about your artwork. Social media lets you share information about your pieces. There are so many different ways to use social media to serve your customer base, especially as an artist.

But….there’s always a but, isn’t there?...with social media you’re not 100% in control. You’re helping whoever owns those platforms build their platforms with your content. You have no control over the future of those platforms. Remember MySpace?

Your website helps you to curate your artwork in one place. You are in control. With your own website, you control the information about you too.

I don’t foresee Facebook going anywhere soon, but you have no control over what happens with that. Don’t spend all your energy, as an artist, building someone else’s platform. Spend your time building and growing something that is completely your own — your website.

Your website helps you to curate your artwork in one place. You are in control. With your own artist website, you control the information about you too.

WordPress Helps You Show Off Your Artwork

The problem for many artists is the technical hurdle of creating a website. Content Management Systems like WordPress enable even non-techies to manage their websites easier.

WordPress offers artists many possibilities for taking their artwork online. You can use it for showcasing and even selling your artwork to your fans while being pretty easy to use.

As an added benefit, a WordPress website can do whatever you need it to. The look of a WordPress website can be changed with Themes to look just the way you need it too.

Themes, by the way, are the layout templates for WordPress.

You can configure a WordPress site to look any way you need it to, and do what you need it to do using different themes and plug-ins. Of course, depending on your needs, you might need some professional help when setting up.

You can use WordPress as a gallery for your artwork, to show off what you’ve created. There are many free themes that you can use right out of the box as art portfolios. If you need more customizing, you can always build a child theme too (or have one built).

(I’ve written more about WordPress themes and Child themes over here).

WordPress Can Turn Your Site into Your Art Store

Your website helps you curate your art in one place. You are in control.

WordPress can become a place to buy your artwork, with a shopping cart system installed in it too. A shopping cart enables you to sell right from your website.

Even more exciting, your website can be set up to work with other companies.

One option for artists is print on demand companies. A print on demand company lets your customers order on your site, then prints and ships the product. You sell fine art giclee prints of your artwork without buying and storing all those prints.

Wordpress and other platforms allow you to create and manage an artist website in ways you may not have considered before.

As you can see, WordPress allows you, as an artist, to create and manage a website for your art in ways you may not have considered before. And WordPress makes managing that site easy for you, even if you aren’t a professional web designer.

To get you started, I’d like to send you my free ebook, “7 Questions Everyone Must Answer Before Getting a Website”. This ebook will help you think through what you need and why with regards to a website.

a WordPress website can be made to do whatever you need it to do.
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