5 Steps to Writing an Effective Social Media Bio

One of the more difficult tasks for anyone is writing a concise, effective social media bio. The problem comes from summing up who you are and what you do into a few short lines.

On the flip side, being an excessively wordy person by nature, I find social media beneficial to helping me be more concise and to the point. Most of the time anyway. I need all the help I can get in that regard. 🙂

Here are five steps I’ve found helpful in writing a social media bio that effectively conveys who you are and what you do in a small amount of space. I also have a great free printable worksheet to help you get it all down on paper. You can download the free social media bio worksheet here.

Step One: Do a Brain Dump

Free printable worksheet : 4 steps to writing an effective social media bio

Get all of your thoughts and ideas on the topic down on paper. This works for pretty much any topic, by the way.

Start by making a list of at least three different facts about yourself, including benefits you bring to your readers, clients, or customers. The more the better. Don’t edit the list at this point. Just get it all down on paper. Every idea on the topic of “who you are and what you do”…write it down.

Step Two: Go through and Pick out the ones that are the most unique

Everyone needs a niche…something that makes them stand out from the rest. It doesn’t necessarily make you better than the competition, but just different. You offer something unique. Discover what that is. Write down the ones from the first list that make you unique.

Step Three: Pick Out What Is Most Relevant to Your Target Audience

Still using that original list from step one, pick out what is most relevant to your target audience. What do your customers, clients, or readers value most in you? Write it down.

Step Four: Combine Step Two and Three

Looking over the list in step two and three, figure out which of your facts about yourself are both unique and relevant to your target audience. These are the ones you want to capitalize on. Hopefully, you’ll have at least one or two things that make you unique that your audience would find important.

Now, you may not have anything that was written down on both lists. In that case, just pick out the ones that are unique that you feel are relevant to your audience.  Try to find at least one fact about yourself, and one thing that you do that benefits your audience.

Step Five: Use the List to Write a Couple of Sentences

Use your list of unique, relevant items to write two or three sentences summing up who you are, what you do and how you can use those unique things about yourself to help your target audience.

This can not only be used as a brief social media biography, but also as an elevator pitch. An Elevator pitch is basically a 30-second answer to the question, “What do you do?” Because most of us are not so good at formulating something concise and complete on the fly (say, in an elevator where we’ve met a potential business contact), it’s always a good idea to plan these sorts of things ahead of time. Your social media bio can be used (or modified) to offer a brief intro to you and your business to someone you’ve just met.

Download your Free Social Media Bio Worksheet