7 Summer Boredom Busters, Part Two

In “7 Summer Boredom Busters, Part One”, I talked about us being pro-active as moms. Of course, we can’t always be on top of planning cool activities all summer long. On those days when you have other things that must be done, and a child is whining about boredom, here’s a great acrostic with 7 ideas to help them find something to do.

Not all of these ideas will work with all ages, but they should get the creative juices flowing.

For your convenience, I have some free, downloadable charts with this information on it too.

B is for Be a Blessing to Someone Else

If you’re bored and have nothing to do, maybe you can do something for someone else.

O is for Outside

Go outside and enjoy some fresh air and the sunshine.

R is for Read a Book

There are many books at the library, and probably on the shelves of your home too.

E is for Exercise for five minutes

Sometimes moving a little bit can get you out of your “boredom” funk.

D is for Dusting and Dishes

If a child is really bored, there’s always housework that needs to be done, right?

Most of them suddenly aren’t so bored when they hear that.

The kitty litter box was always a favorite with my kids, back when we had cats. It was magical. Suddenly they weren’t so bored anymore.

O is for Others

Others may be bored too. See if they’d like to play a game, play catch, or do an activity together.

M is for Make Something

As I wrote in part one, the warm weather allows us to take messy craft and art projects outside. There are many fun ways to express yourself in the summer, such as sand castles and chalk drawings on the sidewalk.

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