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I’m Kimberly, a freelance designer and productivity junkie living in Mid Michigan. I’ve been running Thoughts & Designs since 2004. Before going online, I created designs as a freelancer since 1989. I specialize in helping work from home moms find the time and tools to maximize their productivity while growing their side hustle.

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  • Learning More About Getting More Done
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  • Learning More about Starting a Business when You have No Money
  • Learning More about Logos and Branding
  • Learning More about Writing Web Content
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I write and create from my experience helping other entrepreneurs and WAHM wannabes. My writings focus on the more practical aspects of *how* to make your side hustle a reality as well as living a productive life. I’ve written several books and ebooks you can check out here.

You’ll find books and ebooks to help you:
:: Get more done without sacrificing what matters most to you
:: Save money relatively painlessly so you can invest in your future
:: Having a better work-life balance
:: What you need to launch your own web presence
:: Raising great kids
… and more.

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I enjoy crafting designs both for clients and for my own passion projects. You’ll find many of my designs here on my blog.

I frequently share pictures of my designs I’ve created for my different Zazzle stores in the Zazzle Marketplace. If you’re interested in finding out more about one of these designs, you can check them out below in their stores, or on my blog.


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On the Thoughts & Designs Instagram Feed, I share quotes and work in progress shots to encourage you in your professional and personal projects. I try to share things of particular interest to Work from Home Moms, and all Entrepreneurs starting their side hustle. I mostly focus on finding the time and motivation to get started and keep moving, as well as finding a healthy work-life balance. I hope you’ll join me.

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