Grocery Savings Survival Guide: Your 12 Strategic Steps to Easily Saving Big Money at the Grocery Store While Feeding Your Family Well

Do you need to save money on your grocery budget without compromising health or quality?

If you’re anything like me, when you’re busy, stressed, and frazzled you usually also find yourself running on autopilot. Eventually, you find yourself tired, hungry and wandering aimlessly through the grocery store without a plan. Before you know it, you’ve spent more than you intended to, and you aren’t even sure what’s for dinner.
After a series of job losses and pay-cuts, our family had to learn how to get more strategic with our grocery shopping and budgeting. Most of the strategies I’m going to teach you in the Grocery Savings Survival Guide were developed during this season of hardcore penny-pinching. 

Grocery Savings Survival Guide: 12 Strategic Steps to Saving More on Your Groceries while Eating WellThe Grocery Savings Survival Guide provides you with 12 strategies to slash your grocery budget while eating well.

Life isn’t just about saving money though. Your time is the stuff that makes up your life. Time is valuable too. That’s why I’ve worked at honing these strategies for you to show you how to spend less time while stretching your grocery shopping budget.
These 12 Strategies I’m going to show you in the Grocery Savings Survival Guide will change how you shop and spend money.
You’ll learn:
  • Why bulk shopping isn’t about buying big packages
  • How coupons can help you afford a whole foods diet
  • Discover apps and offers that will give you cash back when you shop
  • Learn how to save time and money by ordering your necessities strategically online
  • How shopping with cash helps you save even more
  • Figure out ways to save time and money on your favorite meals
  • Why a slow cooker is a busy mom’s friend and how to use it to your advantage
  • Learn the secrets to making your meals taste amazing, even on a budget
  • Develop a strategy for your sack lunches and snacks to save even more
  • How to plan your meals for maximum savings
  • Discover ways to plan your shopping trip to save money and time
…and more
What are you waiting for? Start saving on your grocery shopping budget now!
Portions of this book were previously published as Shopping and Cooking Frugally, but have been reworked and updated for clarity and content.

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Freebies for Readers of the Grocery Savings Survival Guide

Free Seasoning Chart

Learn how to season foods to taste better easily, even on a budget!

Free Labels for Your Herbs, Spices, Pantry Items, and Canning Jars

These Labels can be printed off on label stock or purchased preprinted.

Free Printable Menu Charts

Use these menu charts to plan your meals and menus. Tip: Put the menu into a picture frame and use a dry erase marker on the glass to plan your meals!

Grocery Savings Survival Guide: 12 Strategic Steps to Saving More on Your Groceries while Eating Well

Grocery Savings Survival Guide: 12 Strategic Steps to Saving More on Your Groceries while Eating Well

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