Bullet Journaling and Procrastination

There’s something about my love for all things creative, my fascination with finding the perfect planner, and bullet journaling. I love the look of bullet journals. I love that I get to have different colored pens and I get to draw stuff.

Therein lies a big problem with bullet journaling for me.

The pens, the artwork, the whole “creating a perfect bullet journal” thing. I’m a perfectionist who obsesses over such details to the point of distraction and maybe even madness.

I. Just. Can’t. you guys.

Overcoming Perfectionism and Distraction in Bullet Journaling

Perfectionism, Procrastination, and Bullet Journaling

I finally had to admit to myself that bullet journaling fed the absolute worst parts of my tendency towards distraction and procrastination while at the same time promising to make me more organized.

I had to admit bullet journaling fed my tendency towards distraction + procrastination while promising to make me more organized. #bulletjournal Click To Tweet

The truth is, my bullet journal only kept me organized when I kept things simple. It worked when I didn’t get too fancy when I didn’t obsess about what color pen to use or what clever new font to try out. My bullet journal helped me organize my life when I didn’t get too creative with the stupid thing.

The Frustration of Simplifying My Bullet Journal

Of course, in some ways, trying to bullet journal in a simple, plain way when you’re a creative person who loves to hand letter and obsess about which fountain pen to use is like trying to cut back on sugar when you’re a carb addict. You wind up filling your life with frustration and torment.

Maybe I’m waxing too melodramatic on that?

It feels that way though.

I feel more stress when I fight the impulse to get more distracted and less productive with my bullet journal than I previously was.

I blame all of those Pinterest posts and Instagram stories.

Taking Bullet Journaling Digital

I finally came to the conclusion that I had to remove the physical journal part from it altogether a few years ago. That’s right. I took my bullet journaling digital.

I took my bullet journaling digital to avoid distraction, perfectionism, and procrastination. Now I get more done. #bulletjournal Click To Tweet

The cool thing about having a digital bullet journal (using Evernote), has been my ability to be flexible, and always have it with me in the form of my phone, my tablet, or my desktop computer.

I love using the web clipper browser addon to clip articles from the web and store ideas easily. I love that I can still make my planner work for me by fully customizing it (unlike those planner binders I used to collect each year with the promise of productivity).

I especially love that Evernote reaches out and grabs me, reminding me of deadlines.

Okay, maybe not literally. But my phone makes a noise when I have a deadline. Very helpful.

Overcoming Perfectionism and Distraction in Bullet Journaling

How to Leave Distraction Behind

So you may be wondering how exactly to make this all happen. How do you create a digital bullet journal with Evernote? How do you get more productive while leaving distraction and perfectionism behind?

You’re in luck. I wrote a book about using Evernote to maximize your productivity, complete projects, and organize your life. It’s just 99 cents on Amazon Kindle (less than a BUCK!) for right now, as an introductory price. If a physical book is more your thing, you can buy it as a paperback instead.


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