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Learn more about developing your own brand identity in these posts. You can also find out more about logos and what you need to know before you hire a designer to create a logo for you. As an experienced logo designer, I’m happy to help you figure out the steps you need to take next.

What is vector artwork and how are vector graphics used?

What is Vector Artwork?

In posts, I’ve written on my logo design process and how I create graphics and illustrations, I’ve mentioned Vector Artwork or Vector Graphics a few times.  Part of the process of creating a logo or other illustrations is creating vector artwork from the drawings. But what is Vector Artwork? How does Vector Artwork? And what […]

What's the difference between logo, identity and branding

The Difference Between a Logo, Identity, and Branding

When we talk about logo design, sometimes the words “logos”, “Identity”, and “brand” or “branding” are all used interchangeably. They all do deal with the same basic topic but there are differences between these three things. What is a Logo? A logo is a mark that identifies a brand at first glance. We all know […]

My Logo Design Process when creating your Logo

My Logo Design Process

When I am hired to do a logo design for a client, I usually follow a specific logo design process. Questions This process starts with talking to the client, asking questions, and finding out more about what they are looking for. I ask questions like What do you want this logo to do for you? […]

If a Logo Doesn’t Work in Black and White, It Doesn’t Work

My professor in college was right. The sad thing is, it took me about twenty years or so to really grasp how right he was. Funny how that works. This is partly why I’m not upset that my kids are all working for a bit before going to college. You need some reality under your […]

What you get when you hire a logo designer

What You’re Paying For When You have a Logo Designed

I recently developed a logo for a friend with a small home business.  She had originally gone to one of those “Get your logo in 24 hours for just $19.95” places originally, because of the price. As a logo designer, I just love those. Not. I mean, I get the idea. I’ve been in a […]

Thoughts on hiring a logo designer

Thoughts on Hiring a Logo Designer

I’ve mentioned before that, when you pay for a logo design (or any design really), you’re not buying a “thing”. You’re paying for much more than the files you’ll be handed at the end of the process. Obviously, I do logo design, and I’d love to talk with you more about how I might help […]

5 Steps for writing an effective social media bio

5 Steps to Writing an Effective Social Media Bio

One of the more difficult tasks for anyone is writing a concise, effective social media bio. The problem comes from summing up who you are and what you do into a few short lines. On the flip side, being an excessively wordy person by nature, I find social media beneficial to helping me be more […]

What makes a logo great?

What Makes a Logo Great?

I am something of a logo design and typography geek. I have been known to message companies on social media to tell them how much I enjoy their new logo redesigns, among other things. A great logo design pleases me. I had a professor in college that used to say that if a logo didn’t […]

7 Vital Things to teach our teens about Jobs and Social Media

7 Vital Things to Teach our Kids about Jobs and Social Media

While job hunting out and about, a shocking revelation occurred to one of my kids. Potential managers will Google you, to see what they might find out. In other words, it’s important, no matter your age, to manage your “personal brand” (as it is sometimes called) because of how it might affect your future employment […]