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Working on You: How mindset changes everything

Working On You: Mindset Changes Everything

2018 was a weird year for me. I started the year with a word to express its theme: Mastery. At the start of 2019, looking back, I think a better theme would have been Mindset, as the mastery I achieved was over my own mind. Among the things I’ve worked on is me. In particular, […]

Scarcity, Abundance, and Balanced Frugal Living

Scarcity, Abundance, and Balanced Frugal Living

When I first started writing again, after having little babies in the house, the topic was on frugal living mostly. Well, motherhood and frugal living. I would have balked at the concept of Abundance. Why? Survival Mode Scarcity Can’t See Abundance Well, as I’ve written before regarding poverty, when you’re in the thick of it […]

In pursuit of mastery in the coming year.

In Pursuit of Mastery

Every year for the last several years, I’ve prayed about and chosen a different word as my “theme” for the year. This year, 2018, the theme is Mastery. One of the reasons for choosing mastery is that this has been something I’ve been working on in some areas in my life. I’m great at starting […]

This is your brain on poverty

This is Your Brain on Poverty

Everyone has their own thoughts on what causes poverty. Different pundits opine about what fixes financial woes for families in the 21st century. Half the time, I sit here reading those things, shaking my head. While rolling my eyes, I wonder how they would survive what I’ve survived.  Would any of these idiots still be alive at the […]

Taking Risks isn't all bad

Taking Risks Isn’t Always Bad

A short while ago, I posted about embracing failure. It’s an important lesson to learn because anyone who has ever done anything at all of value has failed at some point in their lives. Most have failed several times. No one ever succeeds the very first time they try something new. Taking risks is important […]

When you're feeling overwhelmed and just treading water

When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed and Just Treading Water

There are seasons in our lives when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Here’s how to cope with those seasons.
Seasons when treading water is the greatest accomplishment.

Embracing Failure

I’m sure that sounds like a strange thing, to suggest we should embrace failure. Well, maybe. I wouldn’t say we should try to fail, but we certainly shouldn’t fear it. Every time we fall short we can learn and grow if we get back up again. My own fear of messing up early in life […]

Living Frugally within your own Values

Living frugally, to be successful, has to be about saving money in ways that don’t leave you or your family feeling frustrated or deprived. A frugal living tip is only going to work effectively in your life if it fits your lifestyle and your values. It took me years to learn that. I could never […]

6 ways to start saving money when you're broke

6 Ways to Start Putting Money Away for Savings

Are you worried about your personal savings (or lack thereof?) You’re not alone. Since the day when a financial planner guy caused me a few weeks’ worth of lost sleep, and several dozen panic attacks by telling us we should be putting aside $1,000 a month to our savings for retirement and college for our […]



Last week, as I met with a friend down in the city, she was talking to me about my savings plan that I talk about in Put Your Budget on a Diet, where I put every $1 bill I receive back as change into savings. I call this “The One Dollar Plan”. It’s simple but […]

Is Contentment Complacency

Is Contentment Complacency?

Is being motivated and driven to improve one’s situation (financial and otherwise) contradictory to the call to be content? Does being content mean being complacent? That’s the heart of a back and forth conversation I’ve been having with someone on Facebook. The conversation has left my brain operating in high gear for a while now, […]

When you think your doodles aren't good enough

When You Think Your Doodles aren’t “Good Enough”

When you are just beginning to learn to draw, it’s very important to draw as much as possible, whenever possible. Don’t dismiss your doodles and sketches as “not good enough”. Not good enough for what? You’re learning! Simple Inspiration Sometimes the simplest things around us, while pretty boring as subject matter, can still provide us […]