Connection: The Key to Using Print Marketing in a Digital World

Some people claim that print marketing is dead.

I disagree.


Some of you may even be here due to my print marketing efforts.

Rethinking Print Marketing

Connection: The Key to Print Marketing in a Digital World

When I’m talking about Print Marketing, I do not mean buying expensive ads, renting billboards and signs, or other traditional ad campaigns.

What I am referring to is the simple concept of always having something on you that describes your business, how to find out more online, and any other pertinent information.

For me, this involves business cards. Because I design both for clients, and personal projects that I then sell on print on demand sites like Zazzle, I have different business cards based on the topic.

I do not just leave my business cards laying around. I use them sparingly. In fact, I only pull them out if someone shows interest.

Let me explain.

Making Connections Organically

Perhaps it is just where I live (rural Michigan), but I frequently make business contacts while out and about, either on a staycation or while running errands. It usually goes like this:

“Whoa, cool t-shirt.”
“Thanks. I designed it myself. I’m’ glad you like it”
“That’s great. I love it!”
“Thanks. Here, take my business card. There’s more where that came from.”
Three days later, Zazzle tells me I sold the shirt I was wearing…:)

Connection: The Key to Print Marketing in a Digital World

Make the connection first. Don’t walk around in “salesperson” mode. Be a normal person, out doing your thing, and use the connections you make organically to spread the word locally.

Having a supply of business cards on you (maybe in a nice holder) helps you to always be ready if you make a connection. Help them connect with you further.

I never expect a sale when I first meet someone. Instead, I try to be helpful and to make a connection I can foster.