How Frugal Living Helps Entrepreneurship

If I had a dime for how many times I’ve heard, “I wish I could afford to have a home business”, I would be a rich woman.

Usually, it’s someone who has an idea in their head — a dream. But the dream is going to cost money. The programs she needs is going to cost money she doesn’t have — money that has to go to mundane things like groceries and diapers and a broken furnace.

Usually, it’s someone who has tried the businesses in a box and has been frustrated and unsuccessful at that, because of a different fire she has in her soul.

What Does Frugal Living Have to do with Home Business?

Frugal living can help your home business

I was thinking about these women recently, as I debated re-releasing my two books on Frugal Living (the Grocery Savings Survival Guide and Put your Budget on a Diet).

Did they fit into my niche of encouraging would be entrepreneurs? Did they fit into what I had decided was the purpose of this website and my business?

My passion was to showcase my design work (client work and personal projects I sell on sites like Zazzle), as well as help work from home moms, experience greater productivity (without neglecting relationships), and have easy to understand help and guidance for starting their home business.

Did I want to add Frugally Living back into that fray too?

Then I realized that it wasn’t business know-how that gave my home business the start it needed online. It was frugal living. Not just those first few books on frugal living, but saving money itself.

Without cutting a little bit more to get off to a start, I couldn’t have started a home business.

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Frugal Living, Home Business, and Slowly working Your Hustle

Frugal living can help your home business

Since 2004, when our family of seven’s income was below the poverty line, I have been working different side hustles to add some dollars to the family budget. Despite all of the frugal living and entrepreneurship endeavors on my end, it was hard to grow any hustle much at all because I couldn’t reinvest in my business as much as I wanted.

I have to remind myself though that the key is in the phrase, “as much as I wanted”, because living frugally, and making extra money on the side in different ways (and not just passion projects), allowed me to slowly build up to where I am now, which still isn’t as far as most people, but it’s amazing from my perspective.

Frugal living, in my case, helped me to not only save money for my family but to build a business.

Frugal Living Can Help You Start, However Small

The first website I had (not very good, not very successful, and stupendously ugly) cost me $20 a month for web hosting and $20 a year for the domain name. Right now, where I’m at this moment, that’s small fry.

At the time, $20 a month was a huge stretch.

I looked for new places to cut back the budget to make room for that $20 to start my home business.

In the end, I decided to rework these two books/ebooks with updated information for 2018, and republish them again. If saving $20 a month can help someone get their foot in the door to start a successful home business, it’s worth it.

Instead of saying you can afford it, ask yourself what you need to do to afford it. And make it happen this year!