I’m Sorry To Tell You This, But Websites Aren’t Marketing Tools

One of the more frustrating experiences I ever had as a web designer early on was having a client who felt I had “scammed” him because his website was not on the front page of Google two days after I created it.

After banging my head against the wall for a good hour, I realized that this had been partly my fault. I made an assumption that my client

  • knew what he needed
  • understood what he was buying
  • realized what it would and would not do for his business

This caused me to really have a paradigm shift as far as understanding what the average person, who has not taken an insane amount of continuing ed classes in web development, understands about websites.

A little unscientific polling later, and it turns out most people view a Website as a marketing tool instead of as a storefront that needs to be marketed.

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Just having a website isn’t going to increase business, I’m sorry to say. A website takes work.

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Web developers need to stop assuming that their clients or potential clients understand this stuff, and take the time to educate someone as to what they’re getting into by having a website.