Learning to Enjoy the Curves in the Road

I recently heard someone say that how we are dealing with change and the curve balls life threw at us says more about our character than anything else does. I cringed because I’m really bad at handling those changes and curve balls.

When the Rooster Crows in our Lives

I used to think I really, really had a strong faith and that I would be able to trust God through thick or thin.

Now I realize that I’m like the Apostle Peter, declaring boldly that I would die for the Lord, but denying Him three times just a few hours later.

I think we all have that point, that proverbial red line, that we draw. For me, most of the last difficult twelve years have been dealt with by saying, “But thankfully we still have our house, so God’s taking care of us.”.

An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered GK Chesterton

Oooh, God takes care of us, even with nowhere to live. He only promises Food and Clothing!

God keeps bringing me back to the same topic over the last year or so:

“Relax and enjoy the ride. I’ve got this”

Control Freaky Confessions

Instead, I feel like I’m looking into a mirror reflecting back on me just how “control freaky” I really am.

For a good long while, there was that promise I often heard (and believed): “God just has something better for y’all!”

Maybe He does. Maybe He doesn’t (by my definition, not His, of course).

I had been looking up at that promise of “when I get through this then…” or “there’s some good that will come out of this…” or even look for the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. I had been thinking of and focusing on the day when the trial was over.

This works well for the short term, but I’ve become convinced that it’s still not the right focus.

Embracing the Curves in the Road of Life

I started to realize this while driving my son down to Tennessee for his summer job. We’ve not had a family vacation for a decade, and that was just a weekend trip a few hours away. Prior to marriage, I lived and traveled all over Europe and parts of the near east. As a world-traveler and backpacker extraordinaire, I know that half the fun is the journey, not the destination.

Dear husband didn’t see it that way. His eyes were on the prize: get to Murfreesboro! On the other hand, I was noticing all of the little stops along the way that we were just flying past, and missing out on! On the next drive down, to fetch my son, my husband had to work, so I took my oldest daughter with me instead. It took significantly longer to get there, but the trip was more enjoyable.

I realized that though life in the last 12 years or so, with all of these crazy challenges, particularly of the financial sort, were not at all fun, I was going to miss life if I sat around with my arms folded, pouting until the chapter ended.

So, what adventure are you missing out on in the midst of curves, potholes, roadblocks, and detours?

Enjoy the journey, my friends!

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