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Let’s Talk About Your New Logo!

Fantastic!  I am looking forward to crafting a unique handmade logo for you.

Just to recap, once I get some information from you about what exactly you’re looking for, I’ll get started creating a logo just fo for you. I’ll start off the old fashioned way, with logos made with pencils and paper. Later, I’ll convert my designs to digital vector art, so it can be used for any application, including

  • Small images like Favicons and Watermarks
  • As a profile image on social media
  • Logo and Branding on your website
  • Printed on your print materials like business cards and brochures
  • Enlarged on a banner or other signage without loss of quality

You’ll end up with a logo that expresses your unique vibe. And your handmade logo will be crafted for use anywhere.

Ready to get started?

Just submit the form below. I’ll email you back within one business day to schedule a consultation with you, and we’ll go from there.