How Linking Evernote Notes Helps You Get More Done

The ability to link my Evernote together, and to create links within my Evernote notes is a function I use often to enhance my productivity and functionality.

I’ve written earlier about how I use my Evernote setup to organize my notes and notebooks by priority and not topics. This has been huge for helping me stay on track. Linking these notes together also helps keep things neatly organized.

Creating Links in Evernote Notes

How Linking Evernote Notes Together Will Help You Get More Done

To add a link to another Evernote note within your Evernote note, simply drag and drop the note you want to link to onto the note that you are editing. To do this on a Windows system, I find it works better if you have the note you’re editing and writing open on one side, and the Evernote app opened on the other side.

Note that whenever you drag and drop a file into another file, it will either go to the top of the page or wherever you most recently were typing.

Additionally, you can add hyperlinks to your notes by highlighting text, then right mouse clicking. In the menu that appears when you right mouse click, select “add hyperlink” and copy and paste the website address in the box that appears.

How I use Interlinked Evernote Notes

I find this particularly useful when I’m working a large project, and I have created a running to-do list in Evernote, using check boxes next to each line item. I usually will create individual notes for each portion of the to-do list if it’s a writing project.

Linking Evernote notes when working a large project helps you have links to impt info when clicking each line of your to-do list in #Evernote. #Productivity Click To Tweet

So, if my to-do list has items like:

  • Write Fresh About Page Copy
  • Edit and Update the Start Page
  • Create content for the Website Client Post

I can then have links to a note with my About Page content, ideas, and content for updates to the Start page, and of course content for a website client post. This way, I can keep track of what needs to be done with a to-do list, while keeping it uncluttered from the details.

New to Evernote?

How Linking Evernote Notes Together Will Help You Get More Done

If you’ve not tried Evernote, I’m a happy power user of this app. I have written an ebook on using Evernote to increase your productivity, which you can learn more about here.

You can find out more about Evernote’s free and premium versions over here on their website.