Living Frugally within your own Values

Frugal living, to be successful, has to be about saving money in ways that don’t leave you or your family feeling frustrated or deprived. A frugal living tip is only going to work effectively in your life if it fits your lifestyle and your values.

It took me years to learn that.

Successful Frugal living = saving money in ways that don't leave you feeling deprived Click To Tweet

I could never figure out why some people just didn’t care to learn how to cook from scratch. I mean, it’s healthier, tastier, and cheaper. Then I realized it was the same reason why some people can’t figure out why I can’t live without a second car, or why my husband can’t live without the TV.

What is a no brainer in one family might not be in another.


I love to cook so it’s not a burden. I’ve met many who hate cooking, so the idea of doing it from scratch is like electing to spend time in a medieval torture chamber.

A friend of mine saves money by shopping monthly. I like fresh veggies and our family goes through four gallons of milk a week so that just doesn’t work for us. Another saves by eliminating the second car but living in the middle of nowhere with a husband working an hour away, that isn’t practical either. In fact, we’ve recently become a three car family with teenagers who drive. …You don’t want to know what my car insurance looks like…

Pragmatic Frugality

What I’m talking about here is a bit of pragmatism thrown into the frugal living mix.

Sometimes we just have to ignore some advice and do what we know is going to work better for our unique situation. After all, we are all unique, aren’t we?

When you’re looking into frugal living tips on the internet or in books, they will only help you in so far as they work within your values, your schedule, and your situation.

Frugal Living is not an End All

Frugal living is a means towards a goal, not the goal itself. #frugalliving Click To Tweet

Frugal living is not an end unto itself. It’s a means towards a goal, not the goal itself.

What do I mean?

For me, the goal is not to save as much out of each paycheck as I can; the goals in my life (that is, those things that are important to me, that compel me to be more frugal) are staying home with my kids and staying debt free.

Frugal living is simply the road I take to get there.

Figure Out What is Important

The big question to answer is WHY do you want to save money? #frugalliving Click To Tweet

Only you can decide for yourself (and your family, if you have one) what is and is not important.

The big question to answer for yourself is WHY do you want to save money?

When you have an important goal in mind, that makes the journey much easier when the road gets a little bumpy.

On those days when you’re weary of clipping coupons and ignoring the badly-in-need-of-repair bathroom that you’re saving up for (debt free!), you can encourage yourself with the prize at the end of the race.