Logo Design: Esther Jones

Esther (aka the Merry Hairmother) asked me to design her a logo with just her name and a graphic with a conductor’s baton, stars, and a swoosh. She wanted a logo that could be used for her different ventures (selling Lila Rose hair clips as well as teaching music). She had already picked out a font style, and she wanted her name to be off to the right-hand side of the graphic.

She also wanted her logo to work in different colors, which I also believe is preferable.

My graphic design professor used to say that if a Logo doesn’t work in black and white, then it simply doesn’t work.

For the swoosh, I took my inspiration from the Lila Rose hair clip I bought from Esther a while ago, mimicking the basic form.

Esther Jones custom logo design by Kimberly Eddy


Esther Jones custom logo design by Kimberly Eddy

Though she didn’t specify it, I also provided her with a copy of her logo as just a graphic, without her name. After all, in the day of social media profiles, it’s important to have a logo that fits well in a square space.

Esther Jones custom logo design by Kimberly Eddy

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