Maximize Your WAHM Productivity this Summer While Enjoying Your Kids & Having Fun!

Summer is upon us, friends! I know most of you dread it because it wrecks havoc on your productivity.

The main problems with summer and being a WAHM, from what I can tell, is a combination of a few things:

  1. The Kids don’t have a regular schedule and are home all day long.
  2. By the time you sit down to do some work, you get interrupted five minutes in, just as the brain starts to engage.
  3. The Beach is calling.

Let me let you in on a little secret I’ve discovered that will help with all of those things.

Go to the beach regularly.

Say what?

Okay, let’s get into more details on how this helps.

How to Maximize your productivity this Summer while having fun and enjoying your kids

Don’t Let the Battery Get Too Low

Last year sometime, I bought my very first new-to-me used high-end smartphone (A smartphone that didn’t come from the grocery store! Yea, me!).

I love it. It’s an HTC M9. The only thing I don’t like about this phone is that, as the battery starts to get low, everything starts malfunctioning, and weird stuff happens. So, if I’m trying to do some work on the phone, various apps start crashing, restarting, and just acting weird. They also act funny if I use a power bank after I’ve reached a certain level of “low battery”.

What does this have to do with productivity, wired kids, and the beach?

Everything, my friends.

Could it be that your kids are acting wired and interrupting you because their love tank is running on empty? They want to spend time with you, and there you are, but you’re not available?

I have found that the times when I get interrupted the most and get the least amount of actual work done are those times when I’m trying to work all the time,

  • Well, my phone doesn’t work properly if I try to make it work all the time.
  • My body doesn’t work properly if I try to make it work all the time.
  • My soul and my mind don’t work properly either.

Plan for Spontaneity

I wrote early about having a little grace in your efforts to get more done. True, true.

Let me expound on one of the points I made in that post, about planning for fun.

If you don’t plan for fun stuff, it’s not going to organically happen on the level you probably want it to.

I grew up going to our cabin up north, with a lake in sight, but we didn’t go there as often as I wanted because there was work to be done. There were whole weeks and weekends where there was no beach time…just lawn care, cleaning, dishes, and so forth. There will always be those things, even now.

What there won’t always be is a kid that loves you and wants to spend time with you.

Work needs to be done, of course. Life is not one big party or one big trip to the beach, or whatever.

Your Productivity Prescription: Fresh Air & Fun

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If you plan a regular dose of fun stuff for the summer, the results speak for themselves. You may find that you actually get more done, and enjoy the summer more.

It doesn’t have to be the beach, either.

It can be the Zoo. When my kids were little, we bought an annual family pass for the Zoo. As cheap as I am, that was money well spent. It can be the park. It can be playing in a little pool outside. Water balloon fights. Blowing dandelions.

Whatever. Get outside and do something fun every day to maximize your productivity during the working hours.