Responsive Website Benefits

You have probably heard about responsive websites. But what are the responsive website benefits? Why should you bother to make your website responsive?

Responsive Website Benefit 1: Your Site Will Work on Any Device

responsive website benefits

First of all, your responsive website will work on any device your audience is using.

Given the fact that most internet users today own smartphones or tablets, this is great news. No matter what device they are using to visit your website, they’ll have a pleasant experience.

Studies have shown most smartphone users will leave your website if it doesn’t display well on their smartphone. By not having a responsive website design, you’re sending away visitors!

Responsive Website Benefit 2: Responsive Layouts are Easy to Implement

Contrary to popular myths, having a mobile-friendly website does not mean designing multiple versions of your website.

With a responsive layout, your website will change as needed. All of the changes you’ll make to your website are found in the CSS stylesheet.

By adding Media Queries to the stylesheet, and making the necessary changes to the layout, you’ll have a responsive website.

If you are starting out fresh, you can create a responsive website using a responsive framework or using a responsive WordPress theme as your parent theme. You can learn more in this article, What are Responsive Websites.

Responsive Website Benefit 3: Google Prefers Mobile-Friendly Sites

responsive website benefits

A few years ago, the search engine Google started to penalize any website that wasn’t mobile-friendly. So if your website doesn’t display well on a smartphone or tablet, you are also not ranking well in the search engines.

It’s a double whammy against you.

This goes along with Google’s primary objective, which is to point searchers to useful, relevant web content. If your website isn’t functioning on all or most devices, they don’t view you as useful.

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