Without goals, you’re aiming at nothing and hitting it each time. They give us each a target to aim at.

Whether we are business owners or busy moms of littles, having something to aim at is crucial. The best ones are based on what is most important to us and they help each of us to keep in mind what we hold most dear.

They should help us with a game plan as we journey through life, to help us get where we need to go in every area of our lives.

Goals Remind us What We’re Trying to Do

When I had five young children all under seven years old, my husband and I came up with some aims for our parenting endeavors. These helped remind us often what we were shooting for in how we raise our children. Today, now that those little ones are adults, I have new goals, but the principles remain the same.

Find out more in the posts below about setting and achieving goals in every season of life.

Scarcity, Abundance, and Balanced Frugal Living

Scarcity, Abundance, and Balanced Frugal Living

When I first started writing again, after having little babies in the house, the topic was on frugal living mostly. Well, motherhood and frugal living. I would have balked at the concept of Abundance. Why? Survival Mode Scarcity Can’t See Abundance Well, as I’ve written before regarding poverty, when you’re in the thick of it […]

In pursuit of mastery in the coming year.

In Pursuit of Mastery

Every year for the last several years, I’ve prayed about and chosen a different word as my “theme” for the year. This year, 2018, the theme is Mastery. One of the reasons for choosing mastery is that this has been something I’ve been working on in some areas in my life. I’m great at starting […]

How to cure procrastination and build better habits

How to Cure Procrastination and Build Better Habits

I have a serious problem sometimes. Maybe I should say “Had” a serious problem. Although to be honest, it still crops up from time to time. Steven Pressfield in War of Art would call it “Resistance”. Maybe Gretchen Rubin would call it a bad habit. It’s procrastination, my friends.  Mixed, to be honest, with self-loathing, […]

Knowing Your Own “Shoulds” for Better Productivity

Maybe this is a bit of wisdom that comes with age — the biggest danger I see for me and for others in getting things done and managing our time best is not so much in being lazy, but in doing the wrong stuff. For me, productivity is all about doing the right stuff and […]

Acting vs Reacting: What is the Difference and How Does it Affect My Life?

Acting vs Reacting

One of the best skills you can ever develop as a human being is the fine art of acting vs reacting. This is one of those things you learn more and more as you get older. That is if you’re willing to listen to life’s lessons sent your way. A professor in college used to urge […]

dealing with Financial Emergencies and debt free living

Financial Emergencies and Living a Debt-Free Life

A recent report I read revealed a shocking statistic about financial emergencies. It reported 47% of Middle-Class Americans couldn’t cover a $400 emergency on their own.  They would need to borrow the money via credit cards, family loans, or other means. An odd rush of emotions came through as I read Neil Gabler’s excellent article in the […]

When you're feeling overwhelmed and just treading water

When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed and Just Treading Water

There are seasons in our lives when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Here’s how to cope with those seasons.
Seasons when treading water is the greatest accomplishment.

Living by Faith and a Plan

Living by Faith and a Plan

Is living by faith and setting goals at odds with one another? These are topics I’ve wrestled with in the past. Maybe you have too. The Two Sides of Living By Faith or By a Plan Is it too rigid for us to set goals and write out missions statements when we, as Christians, are to […]

Embracing Failure

I’m sure that sounds like a strange thing, to suggest we should embrace failure. Well, maybe. I wouldn’t say we should try to fail, but we certainly shouldn’t fear it. Every time we fall short we can learn and grow if we get back up again. My own fear of messing up early in life […]

Worry is a misuse of imagination

Struggling with Focus? Here’s Help

We all probably realize we need better focus in our lives to take care of what we feel we need to do or should be doing. The real issue for most of us is how to maintain that focus. Here are a few tips I’ve learned in my life. Some Mental Downtime is Good for […]

Creating Achievable Long Term Goals

Creating Achievable Long Term Goals

You may have heard it said that if you are aiming at nothing, you’ll hit it every time. Although life isn’t as perfect and linear as we’d prefer it to be, having goals in mind can help you stay on track, making progress towards the end you have chosen. This sure beats meandering through life […]

How and Why to write a personal mission statement

How and Why to Write Your Own Personal Mission Statement

Crafting my own personal mission statement has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. My personal mission statement has saved me much time, money, and frustration in my life. I think many of us when we hear the phrase “mission statement” don’t think of ourselves. You think of a large organization or business. Yet, […]