Label Design

Beautiful label design can help keep your home and office organized. Organizing your kitchen, home, and even your family library has never been easier. I have created these free, downloadable Label designs here at Thoughts and Designs.

These Label designs were originally created for use in my own family. I soon discovered that others find them useful too.

These designs can be freely downloaded and printed off on label stock for your personal use. In each post, you’ll find the exact label stock I use to print them off.

I have created labels for

and more to come!

Purchase Label Design Products at Zazzle Too

If you’d rather not wrestle with your home printer, you can purchase them inexpensively over at my Zazzle store. At my Zazzle Store, they come pre-printed for you on quality label stock in two sizes.

Links to the exact product in my Zazzle store are found in each post.

Art Nouveau Style Herb and Spice Jar Labels

Art Nouveau Style Herb and Spice Jar Labels

I’ve posted before about some of my herb and spice jar label styles that I’ve created. I have some that you can print off for free on my website, and I have others that can be purchased pre-printed from Zazzle. This saves you some printer ink and the hassle of printing your spice jar labels […]

Jugendstil Art Nouveau Style Canning Jar Labels Personalized

Jugendstil Style Personalized Canning Jar Labels

These attractive square canning jar labels feature a retro art deco style decorative frame and the words “homegrown goodies”. The larger area can be left blank or filled with custom words. I also have other kitchen labels available both on this site and on the Thoughts and Designs Zazzle Store. Art Deco Retro Vintage Canning […]

Vintage Style Spice and Herb Jar Labels

Free Vintage Style Labels for Herbs and Canning

  I created these adorable free vintage style spice and herb jar labels for my own kitchen, but my Instagram post was so popular, I wound up sharing them with everyone else. I printed mine up on clear labels for use in my recycled salsa jar collection. I grow many of my own herbs and […]

Free Art Nouveau Children's Bookplates

Free Printable Children’s Art Nouveau Style Bookplate

I’m a huge proponent of reading to children, as frequently as possible, starting as young as possible. As a result, I have created several great bookplates to share with you for your own personal library. I wanted to do them on a full sheet like I did with the kitchen labels I made for canning, herbs […]

Free Printable Art Deco style bookplates

Free Printable Art Deco Style Bookplate Graphics

As a lifelong book lover and hoarder collector, I’m always looking for great ways to label my books, beyond just writing my name on the front cover (though I’ve done that too). I love the look and feel of old fashioned vintage bookplates, which is why I designed my own. I have several designs on this site. […]

Free Printable Jugendstil Style Bookplate Design

We’re all book hoarders in our household here. That’s why I’ve created several different styles of bookplates to attractively label my book collection when lending them out. These hand drawn vector graphic bookplates feature a Jugendstil, Art Nouveau style frame based on common motifs of this art movement. The words Ex Libris (latin for “From […]