For nearly 24 years, motherhood was my main focus and my passion, as I raised my five closely spaced kids into well-adjusted and productive adults. Suffice it to say, coming out on the other end of the season of full-time mothering, I have a few opinions on raising children, which I happily share below. I’ve also written some posts and shared some tools for homeschooling elsewhere here at Thoughts & Designs.

Most of my posts on Motherhood have been moved to a blog that is focused on the topic, called Quiet Times. You can find that here.

How to Maximize your productivity this Summer while having fun and enjoying your kids

Maximize Your WAHM Productivity this Summer While Enjoying Your Kids & Having Fun!

Summer is upon us, friends! I know most of you dread it because it wrecks havoc on your productivity. The main problems with summer and being a WAHM, from what I can tell, is a combination of a few things: The Kids don’t have a regular schedule and are home all day long. By the […]

Motherhood. Fueled by Love. Sustained by Coffee

Motherhood: Fueled by Love, Sustained by Coffee

Mothering our kiddos is a tough job, as any mom knows. Love may fuel us, but it’s the coffee that keeps us going most days when we’re too tired to think. Share the love and laughs of motherhood with one of the moms in your life with this coffee mug that reads: Motherhood. Fueled by […]

Motherhood is an Extreme Sport

Motherhood is an Extreme Sport

I created this design, which you can find on products in my Thoughts & Designs Zazzle Store, based on something a friend used to say to me. I felt so completely out of my element doing the mom thing, and she looked right at me and said, It’s not for the faint of heart. Motherhood […]

7 Vital Things to teach our teens about Jobs and Social Media

7 Vital Things to Teach our Kids about Jobs and Social Media

While job hunting out and about, a shocking revelation occurred to one of my kids. Potential managers will Google you, to see what they might find out. In other words, it’s important, no matter your age, to manage your “personal brand” (as it is sometimes called) because of how it might affect your future employment […]

4 Tips for Parenting with the End in Mind

4 Tips for Parenting with the End in Mind

What do I mean by parenting with the end in mind? By Parenting with the End in Mind, I mean to decide where you want to end up, at the end if this parenting journey, and come up with a plan, step by step for how to get there. This is basically the same as […]