What is SEO?

The acronym SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. This involves how a website manager helps a website rank higher in search engines. This means appearing closer to the top of searches for certain keywords and phrases.

By optimizing a website for better SEO in your field, niche, or topic, your website will be found easier by your target audience. They are more likely to find you using search engines to search for what you are saying or selling on your blog or website.

The Myths of SEO

As a web developer, I learned many people assume their website will appear on the front page of Google right after it is built.

Sadly this is not true.

Effective search engine marketing takes time and work before you find success. I’ve written some posts about the basics of search engine optimization. I have posted about search engine marketing to help work from home moms, small businesses, and organizations. These include tips to better optimize your website so that their target audience is more likely to find them.

How LongTail Pro improves my marketing while cutting my marketing time

How LongTail Pro Cuts my Marketing Time by Half

“So I did a thing,” I tell my husband, Martin, over Cubanos on date night, “I bought this program called LongTail Pro about a month ago, and I can’t believe the difference.” My husband, a skilled tradesman, doesn’t understand much about things like keyword research and marking your online side hustle. But as I was […]

The Best Keyword Research Technique for Your Side Hustle

The Best Keyword Research Technique for Side Hustlers

Are you trying to figure out the best keyword research technique for your online side hustle? You’ve come to the right place. Let me walk you, step by step through a keyword research technique that will help your side hustle get more traffic from search engines and other sources, while also helping you plan your […]

What is Keyword Research and why should it matter to a solopreneur

What is Keyword Research and Why Should it Matter to the Solopreneur?

You may have heard of Keyword Research when looking into starting or growing a business online. But what is Keyword Research? Why should Keyword Research matter to the entrepreneur? The most important takeaways for you on the topic of Keyword Research are these two: Done right, Keyword research will help you determine if a niche […]

How to do Keyword Research: a step by step guide to finding great keywords for your online side hustle

How to Do Keyword Research for Your Online Side Hustle

If you have started an online side hustle, or have been considering starting a side hustle, you’ve probably heard about keyword research. But how do you do keyword research? What does keyword research entail? Here’s my step by step method on how to do keyword research that works for me and my side hustles. How […]

Why Keyword Research is Important even for Solopreneurs

Why Keyword Research is Important

Starting off with online side hustles in 2004, I didn’t understand most things about running or marketing a business online. I learned most of this stuff on my own. The most important thing I learned is understanding why keyword research is important. I’m going to share some insights I’ve had on the topic with you! […]

Avoiding Scams as a new website owner

Avoiding Scams as a New Website Owner

Scam artists irritate me. Nothing worse than someone trying to take advantage of another is there? It makes me sad to think that people fall for these scams and are hurt by them. Today I got an official looking letter in the mail. It looked like a bill. I was immediately reminded of a web […]

The content conversation and intervention

The Content Conversation and Intervention

When talking about not using websites as glorified classified ads, yellow pages, or flyers, I’ve mentioned before that one of the benefits of today’s interactive websites is easy non-techie editing so you can have a conversation with your clients. I’ve beat this particular drum for years when advising my web design clients on how to […]

What Are Keywords and why are they important

What are Keywords and Why are they Important?

In creating content for your website, or research website marketing techniques, you may have come across the term “keywords”. In terms of websites, what exactly are keywords? The best way to describe it is this: if you were looking for the information you have on your website, but you didn’t know about your company, you […]

Figuring out the purpose of your website

Figuring Out the Purpose of Your Website

In ten years of designing websites for different clients, I’ve come to realize that the biggest decider in the success or failure of a web based business (or using a website for a traditional business), is found in a potential client’s answer to the simple question, “What do you expect this website to do for […]

Why Websites Aren't Marketing Tools

I’m Sorry To Tell You This, But Websites Aren’t Marketing Tools

One of the more frustrating experiences I ever had as a web designer early on was having a client who felt I had “scammed” him because his website was not on the front page of Google two days after I created it. After banging my head against the wall for a good hour, I realized […]

How to improve your website's SEO on a tight budget

So, How Do I Improve My Search Engine Ranking on a Budget?

Every single month, ya’ll. Every single month one of my web design clients forwards me an email from some company promising to make them rank on top of Google, for a pretty hefty price. My response is always the same: “Google said in their most recent hangout on the topic that they want to see […]