Time Management

I write many tips and thoughts on effective time management.

Managing our time is important because time is the stuff that makes up our lives. We can never get time back after it’s used. It took me years to learn how to manage my time better so that I have time for what matters most to me.

My posts about time management are not only for those running a business from home, or working professionally. I also write for moms who are chasing little ones all day. These time management tips are written for busy moms of all sorts.

Time Management to Make Time for What Matters Most

I want to help you have time for what matters most to you.

In these posts, I also share my favorite time managing tips for using apps and programs across different platforms. Whether you’re on a mobile phone, tablet, and desktop computer, I prefer apps that keep me synced. In particular, I write about using apps like Evernote, Google Calendar, Google Keep, and Google Drive Apps.

Solopreneur doesn't mean always flying solo
Solopreneur Doesn’t Mean Always Flying Solo

When starting out as a solopreneur (that is, an entrepreneur that works alone), you may be tempted to do it all yourself. And I get this impulse. I’m the same way. I’m a DIY sort of girl boss. Hubby says it’s more about being a control freak. We’ll agree to disagree there. Solopreneurs Can Rely on […]

Most Planners have THIS Huge Problem
Most Planners Have THIS Huge Problem

Earlier I wrote about my planner addiction and what a temptation all of the cool stuff in the stationery store is to me. I love planners, you guys. LOVE THEM. The thing is though, most planners have one fatal flaw that keeps them from working the way we think they’re going to. Can you guess […]

My Lifelong Quest for the Perfect Planner, and What I found
The Quest for the Perfect Planner

I don’t know what is wrong with me sometimes. The other day, I was walking through Michaels, on my way to buy a new sketchbook for my design projects (I go through three or four a year), when I saw a rack of discounted planners. I was momentarily distracted by all of the pretty planners […]

Overcoming Perfectionism and Distraction in Bullet Journaling
Bullet Journaling and Procrastination

There’s something about my love for all things creative, my fascination with finding the perfect planner, and bullet journaling. I love the look of bullet journals. I love that I get to have different colored pens and I get to draw stuff. Therein lies a big problem with bullet journaling for me. The pens, the […]

How to Maximize your productivity this Summer while having fun and enjoying your kids
Maximize Your WAHM Productivity this Summer While Enjoying Your Kids & Having Fun!

Summer is upon us, friends! I know most of you dread it because it wrecks havoc on your productivity. The main problems with summer and being a WAHM, from what I can tell, is a combination of a few things: The Kids don’t have a regular schedule and are home all day long. By the […]

have a little grace finding balance in your quest for productivity
Have a Little Grace ~ Finding Balance in your Quest for Productivity

Guess what I’ve learned over the course of 47 years on this earth? There’s no such thing as a perfect schedule or someone who is able to stay on task perfectly throughout each day. When it comes to stretching ourselves to be more productive it’s important not to undo any strides we make by beating […]

Work Smarter, not Harder. How to easily keep traffic coming to your website
How to Easily Keep Website Traffic Coming Your Way

There are only so many hours in a day. No work from home mom wants to spend the bulk of those hours chasing website traffic. For most of us, the problem isn’t laziness or not working harder. Work Smarter Not Harder Hard work wasn’t as much of an issue in my life until two of […]

The Flexibility of Working from Home
The Flexibility of Working from Home

Of all of the benefits of running a home-based business side hustle, I think the flexible schedule is what I love the best. Sometimes when I talk to moms who are thinking of working from home or working some kind of side hustle for a little extra money, they get hung up on The Schedule. […]

How to cure procrastination and build better habits
How to Cure Procrastination and Build Better Habits

I have a serious problem sometimes. Maybe I should say “Had” a serious problem. Although to be honest, it still crops up from time to time. Steven Pressfield in War of Art would call it “Resistance”. Maybe Gretchen Rubin would call it a bad habit. It’s procrastination, my friends.  Mixed, to be honest, with self-loathing, […]

Knowing Your Own “Shoulds” for Better Productivity

Maybe this is a bit of wisdom that comes with age — the biggest danger I see for me and for others in getting things done and managing our time best is not so much in being lazy, but in doing the wrong stuff. For me, productivity is all about doing the right stuff and […]

How to use Google Calendar to manage a busy family
Using Google Calendar to Manage a Family

Google Calendar. I think our entire family structure would descend into chaos without it. Okay, maybe not. That’s a bit of an exaggeration. However, the orderliness of our family life now that I have five adult kids who all live at home is heavily reliant on Google calendar. Let’s talk for a bit about how […]

Developing Better Habits for Home Business Success
Developing Better Habits for Home Business Success

What is the key to home business and work from home success? While there is no one thing that will guarantee success, I believe forming better habits will tip the odds more in your favor. A few friends and I were talking about the topic of working from home. We all seemed to agree that […]