A blank page is one of the most intimidating things to stare down at, isn’t it? Even though I am a writer by trade, getting started on a new writing project intimidates me too.

Getting started writing for your website or other business materials can be difficult.  Yet this is one of the first steps as you start your business from home.

As a freelance designer in Michigan’s thumb, I’ve helped many clients with this. I coach them as they not only publish their websites and print materials. I’ve also helped them develop effective content for other platforms. This includes their websites, brochures, and other design projects they’ve hired me for.

Tips for Writing Content for Your Design Project

After all, a good design highlights the content my clients provide me with. Without great content, a great design is just window dressing. Content is key.

I’ve created some posts and tools to help you get started creating content for your projects.

How to write an ad disclosure for your website

Writing an Ad Disclosure for your Blog or Website

For several years now, the FTC here in the United States has required that bloggers and website owners (basically all content creators) disclose to their audiences when they are being paid for an endorsement on their site or via social media. Thus, we need to have an ad disclosure on our websites if we allow […]

Music to Write To: My Summer 2017 Writing Playlist on Spotify

The right music really gets me moving and feeling productive. When I’m writing or creating other content, I try to not listen to any music with words, or else it makes it harder for me to concentrate on writing. My darling offspring introduced me to Spotify last year sometimes, and I have fallen in love. […]

must read books for new bloggers and website owners

Must Read Books (and courses!) for New Bloggers & Website Owners

Susanne recently asked me, Do you know of any good books to read about blogging or writing up my website for our business? We are getting ready to take our furniture business online. I feel ask though I have so much to say but I don’t know how to say it. Thanks. There are two […]

Tips for Writing an Effective About Page

How to Write an About Page for your Website

As most bloggers and website owners know, the About page is the most frequently visited page on any website, besides your home page. Learning how to write an about page is crucial. Website owners must give extra special attention to your about pages, to help your visitors get to know you better and see how […]

Categories vs tags: What are they and how should you use them on your website?

Categories vs Tags: What are They and How Should You Use Them?

When planning out your website, you’ll need to think about organizing your content. You may even wonder about categories vs tags. WordPress and other platforms use categories and tags to help organize content. Categories and Tags can be confusing and be intimidating for many new website owners. I can help you understand what categories and tags actually are. And […]

5 Steps for writing an effective social media bio

5 Steps to Writing an Effective Social Media Bio

One of the more difficult tasks for anyone is writing a concise, effective social media bio. The problem comes from summing up who you are and what you do into a few short lines. On the flip side, being an excessively wordy person by nature, I find social media beneficial to helping me be more […]

Why your website needs a start here page

How a Start Here Page Helps Your Readers

Adding a start here page to my website was one of the big changes I made to my website as I rebranded it last year. The start here helped my readers (especially first-time visitors) orient themselves with what I had available on my website and blog, and see how it would help them. Why You […]

In any Design Project, Content Comes first. If you don't create content first, how will you know how to design for it?

Why Content Comes First

One of the big changes I’ve made in how I do websites and other design projects for clients is to request all of the content for the project up front. Let’s talk about why. Designers Design Content The most obvious one is the very definition of web design. When designing for the web, or designing […]

What is Mind Mapping and How does it help the creative process?

What is Mind Mapping and How Does it Help Me Write?

From time to time I get asked how I organize my thoughts before writing or while brainstorming. The answer is mind mapping. Let’s learn a little bit about what is mind mapping and how to use it. Mind Mapping for Better Brainstorming When I first started writing, I just wrote and wrote and wrote. Yet, […]