The Entrepreneur’s Tech Free Guide to Create a Website & Build an Online Presence for Your Side Hustle

What to do BEFORE you get a website or Hire a Web DesignerIntroducing my newest book, The Entrepreneur’s Tech Free Guide to Create a Website and Build an Online Presence for Your Side Hustle

When I first decided to start a website in the early 2000’s, I couldn’t find much information. I didn’t know what I should do first and what I needed. Most of the information I came across focused on HTML. Each book started with creating an HTML document that said “Hello World”.

My quest eventually led to me continuing my education in graphic design to include web design.
I’ve noticed something while guide work from home moms and entrepreneurs as they figure out what they need to take their side hustles online. It seems as though most people wonder how to get started beyond just learning HTML.

Learn all about what to do BEFORE you get a website or hire a web designer!

In this ebook for side hustlers and entrepreneurs, I’ll go step by step into what you need to do to take your side hustle online, and I don’t cover HTML and programming.

Instead, you’ll learn:

  • How do I get that .com thing?
  • So, where does that HTML file go once I make it?
  • Where do I get images for my website?
  • What do I put on the front page?
  • What do I put on any of these pages?
  • Will people even find me online?
  • Who am I writing to? Who’s my audience?
  • Why do I even have a website? What’s this supposed to do?
  • What do I want my audience to do when they reach this page?
  • How do I get this website to show up higher on Google?
  • How do I make money with a website?
  • So, what do I have to do so people can pay for stuff with credit cards on my website?
  • Why do people not stay on my site once they find it?

…and more

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Resources for Readers of the Entrepreneurs Tech-Free Guide to Creating a Website

As I mention in my book, I have compiled all of the resources I mention or find helpful in one place just for you. Click on over to see the listing with links, and get started!

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