Thoughts on Hiring a Logo Designer

I’ve mentioned before that, when you pay for a logo design (or any design really), you’re not buying a “thing”. You’re paying for much more than the files you’ll be handed at the end of the process.

Obviously, I do logo design, and I’d love to talk with you more about how I might help you with your project (<– shameless plug), but more than that, I’d love for you to get a good quality logo design.

Right now, if you Google “Logo Design”, the first page or two of Google is nothing but factory type logo design companies that are charging $20 for a logo. Given that the going rate for most designers is about $35-$50 per hour, it makes me wonder what exactly they’re doing for you.

A good logo designer isn’t just slapping a bit of clip art next to your company name and calling it good.

A good logo designer will take the time to communicate with you about what you need this logo to do for you, and she will ask questions so as to understand the nature of your business and your target market. She will do research into the field and target market. She will do quite a bit of work before the pencil ever touches paper.