Using Evernote to Keep Track of the Tedious but Necessary Details

I’ve written before how I order my Evernote notebooks and notebook stacks to enhance my productivity and stay on task. Well, another use for Evernote is to keep track of those tedious but necessary details of life.

Case in Point: Dealing with the Hospital.

How Evernote can Help You Manage the Tedious Details of Life

In April 2015, many of you know that two of my kids were in a horrific, near-fatal car accident that they not only miraculously survived, but have mostly recovered from. We are thankful. So thankful.

As we continue to deal with some of the minor loose ends still being dealt with, I sometimes spend a ridiculous amount of time on the telephone with insurance folks and the hospital.

When it comes to dealing with one of our hospitals (they were at two different hospitals as this was going on), I am always talking to a different person each time I call, and they’ve tried to tell me things like, “We have no record of you calling about this before.” (no, I only call you every other week!)

This is where Evernote comes in.

How Evernote can Help You Manage the Tedious Details of Life

I have a Notebook in Evernote, with notes for each of the different doctor’s offices and hospital departments. Luckily, I’ve been able to delete most of these over time, as we no longer see most of them.

Whenever I call to ask about a bill that wasn’t billed to the insurance correctly, I make a note of who I talked to, when I called, what we discussed, what I was told, and other tedious details of life after the car accident. Then, when I talk to someone as I did last week who insists they have no record of any of my previous conversations, I have dates, names, discussion points, and so forth.  So helpful.

Are You New to Evernote?

If you’ve not tried Evernote, I’m a happy power user of this app. I have written an ebook on using Evernote to increase your productivity, which you can learn more about here.

You can find out more about Evernote’s free and premium versions over here on their website.

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