What Are Responsive Websites?

When talking about website design, you may have heard the phrase “responsive websites”. What are responsive websites? Let’s look at what makes a website responsive.

What are responsive websites?

What are responsive websites

The most basic way to explain what responsive websites are is this. Responsive websites respond to different screen sizes.

Using something called media queries, a responsive website changes layout based on the kind of device you are using.

So, the responsive website figures out, through media queries, what size screen you are using. Then it applies different styles to the layout based on your screen size.

This way, your website can look good on phones, tablets, and computers.

What are Responsive Websites Used For?

Well, most websites today should be responsive if they want to be widely used. Recent statistics say that more than 80% of internet users also own a smartphone.

So, by making sure your website is responsive, your website can be used on any kind of device easily. This will keep your visitors from leaving in frustration.

How Can You Make Your Website Responsive?

What are responsive websites?

If you are skilled at using CSS, you can make your website responsive by adding media queries to your CSS file. From there, adjust your layout based on those media queries.

There are many responsive frameworks available which are helpful. These frameworks can form the backbone of a responsive website’s layout. They take care of the complicated bits so you can focus on the window dressing. This article over here at Awwwards explains responsive frameworks better than I can.

The other option, if you are a WordPress user, is to install a responsive theme. From there, you can customize the theme by creating a child theme. Your child theme will be responsive if the parent theme is. Search for “responsive” in the theme search box.

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