What is a Niche?

If you’ve heard anything at all about business, blogging, or working from home, you’ve probably heard the word “Niche” before.  Usually, it’s used together with “marketing”, “business”, or even “blogging”.

So, what is a niche? 

It is a very narrow market or specialty within a larger field. 

That sure clears it up, doesn’t it?

A Niche is All About Focus

For example, if you sell dresses, that is not a niche but a field. However, if you sell maternity dresses, that’s more specific. If they are for women who love purple and bohemian style, that would be a very specific niche.

A niche is all about focus. The more focused you are on your business, the easier it will be to figure out your target audience and serve them. It will also be easier to focus your marketing efforts to a smaller, more specific group. To simply market to “everyone” is much more difficult.

Understanding your audience comes from tighter focus. With that, you will also know what they are looking for and how you can better serve them.

The more specific you can get the better.

Practical Aspects of Knowing Your Niche

Although you may think that marking more broadly is better, it’s not. When marketing a new business, the broader the potential customer base the harder it will be. You can’t be all things to all people.

When you have narrowed down your market for your potential business, you narrow down your audience. You have fewer people who you need to market to. This allows you to better use your marketing dollars and efforts.

When it comes to reaching a specific market, you can focus down to your ideal customer base.  Othe, wise you just fire your marketing message blindly into a crowd hoping you hit something. Shoot your message like a precise sniper instead of using a shotgun.

You have better success when you are focused.

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Knowing Your Niche Helps You Understand Your Audience

Focusing your business provides you the added benefit of understanding your audience better. Having a focused niche and having a very specific target audience go hand in hand.

Think about our dress example from the beginning. If we’re marketing maternity dresses we know we’re selling to pregnant women or women of childbearing age. If we’re selling dresses with a bohemian flair to women who love purple, that also focuses our marketing. We’re not going to focus our marketing efforts on Facebook groups for women with more conservative tastes. Nor are we going to join a Pinterest group board that features the styles of ladies business attire.

We’re going to create web graphics with a more Bohemian vibe versus web graphics that are more conservative or minimalist. We’re certainly going to use the color purple in our branding in some way, too.

Understanding our audience and knowing our niche decides many of our marketing and branding choices for us.

What is a Niche? You can't be all things to all people