Wide Margin KJV Bible for Study and Journalling: Colossians

This copy of Paul’s Epistle to the Colossians, in wide margin KJV format, was created using the public domain King James Bible, for the benefit and edification of my fellow believers in Christ.

A Free Printable Wide Margin Bible For Bible Study and Bible Journalling

It is my prayer that this Bible helps you as you study the Word more deeply. I originally created it for my personal Bible study. Being an avid note-taker, and someone who fills up the margins of my Bibles, I was looking for a wide margin, double spaced Bible in the King James Version, but found none (that were affordable).

Being a Graphic Designer, I set about to use my mad design skills and Adobe Software to create a Bible.

I’m publishing this book by book so that you, dear readers, can have a wide margin, double line spaced copy of whatever book of the Bible you are currently studying. Lord willing, I’ll soon have all 66 books of the Bible done for your studying pleasure.

I’m offering these works to you for free. They may be freely distributed, but I would prefer if you would link to my web page.

Thank you.

Download your Free Printable Looseleaf Wide Margin Bible Here

Download your copy of Paul’s Epistle to the Colossians, formatted to be a Free, Printable Looseleaf Wide Margin KJV Study Bible for Study and Journalling

To find the other free printable loose leaf Bible books in this series, go to the main page for my three-ring wide margin Bible project here.

New to Studying the Bible?

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