Working On You: Mindset Changes Everything

2018 was a weird year for me. I started the year with a word to express its theme: Mastery.

At the start of 2019, looking back, I think a better theme would have been Mindset, as the mastery I achieved was over my own mind.

Among the things I’ve worked on is me.

Working on You: How mindset changes everything

In particular, I’ve worked on my own mindset and how I view myself. I’ve looked at the different parts of my past that affected my view of myself. I’ve thought about and worked through the different ways the events of my life have shaped who I am today.

It’s mind-blowing stuff.

Mindset: It’s Not Just About Money

I often hear the word Mindset being used to talk about money, primarily. Authors, webinars, and social media memes make mindset into the key to achieving mega success and earning wads of money.

Let me let you in on a little secret: Your mindset is not just about money.

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Mindset is a holistic concept.

It’s about dealing with all of the junk and falsehoods and dysfunction and bad theology you have that holds you back in every area of your life.

Your mindset is not just about money. Mindset is a holistic concept that deals with every area of your life.

Mindset Means Making the Voice in Your Head Tell the Truth

There’s a tape that plays over and over again in our heads.

One of my audio files in my head was about my dreams and the desire to be an artist.

I thought the words my parents put in my head didn’t affect me.

You may not give it a second thought but the words you say to your kids might be an audio file that takes them 50 years to overwrite.

But when people would encourage me to sell my own drawings (and not just designs for clients), I would dismiss this as foolish.

There was a lie in my head that said, “People encourage you to make art so they can laugh at you. Trying to make a living making art is foolish.”

Where did that voice come from? From someone I love saying it over and over again in my childhood.

(a side note: be careful with what you say to your kids, for the love of all things sacred. You may not give it a second thought, but it could be an audio file that takes them 50 years to rewrite).

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As I got older, sometimes I would spiritualize this strange lie by saying that Art was vain and didn’t count for eternity.

Replace the lies with truth

This year, I told that voice to shut up, and I gave it something new to say.

I set reminders on my phone to remind me that people love my art, and if they wanted to buy prints, it is wise to meet market demands. There are also reminders to remind myself that I’m a steward of the art skills God gave me. I need to be a wise steward and use those talents.

That’s just one extreme example of how this works. I have about 20 different reminders on my phone that speak truth to replace lies I struggled with. When the reminder goes off I read it out loud.

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It’s good to remind yourself of truth and replace that tape with something helpful.

Mindset is What You WANT to be True too

Even the password on my phone and on my computer speaks truth to me. I changed it regularly in 2018. My password relates to a goal I am working on.

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Sometimes it wasn’t what was true. Or rather, what wasn’t true yet.

Sometimes it was what I wanted to be true of me. Something I wanted to be apart of my life.

One month it was, “Ilovethetreadmill@5”.

Anyone who knows me well probably sprayed their computer with coffee reading that.

Newsflash: I was not born loving the treadmill at 5 am. At the start of 2018 I neither liked treadmills nor 5 am.

However, by typing that in multiple times a day, I started to say that to myself. It wasn’t truth at the time. But I wanted it to be true. I wanted it to become my truth. Eventually, it became truth.


Speak truth to the lies in your head.

For the last several months, my body has started waking up at 4:55 am, an easy 5 minutes before my alarm goes off. That’s the power of mindset.

Mindset Means Letting Go

Another part of Mindset and working on you means letting go of that stuff. Forgiving. Analyzing the effect on you then moving forward.

And, by the way, Forgiving doesn’t mean you’re okay with what someone did. It means you’re letting go of it and not holding it against them. It means you’re not letting it hold you back either.

I actually started making a list and then going through it forgiving and deciding to let go. It took a few months, but it was very healing for me. Maybe releasing all of that was part of the 35 pounds I lost?!?

Mindset Sees Value in What You Offer

One of my struggles has been what Neil Gaiman so eloquently calls imposter syndrome. It’s where you look around at your peers and think, “What am I doing here? I don’t belong here. I’m a fraud. I’m not as good as all these people…”

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I guess it’s another part of telling the voice in your head to shut up and speak the truth.

There are other people out there, my peers, whose skills in art and design impress and intimidate me. However, I offer something entirely unique because of my perspective, experiences, and skill set.

We all do.

Mindset is telling the voice in your head to shut up and speak truth

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